Teia D’Impulsos association is delighted to welcome you to the 8th edition of our tasting trail, the Rota do Petisco. This year, we will travel all over Algarve from coast to coast looking for the most delicious food. It will be the biggest Rota ever! During 32 days, 277 restaurants and cafes from 13 counties will be ready to welcome you with a tasty tappa, a good drink and great enthusiasm. Good reasons to follow this adventure in search of the best delicacies of Algarve at an affordable price. From October 4 to November 4, invite your friends and family to discover Algarve at the table.
After all, from Odeceixe to Odeleite, there will always be a “petisco” waiting for you.

How to take part?

It is quite simple to take part in the Rota do Petisco! You must first buy the passport (1€) for this trip around the delicious flavours of Algarve in one of the adhering restaurants and cafes or in one of the information desks. The presentation of the passport will allow you to taste the special menus selected for the event at an special price: menu Tappa 3€ and menu Dessert 2€. For each menu you eat, a stamp will be placed in your passport. Depending on the number of stamps you could collect, you have the chance to win one of the Prices of Rota do Petisco. It is that easy!