It is quite simple to take part in the Rota do Petisco! This passport gives you the opportunity to participate in this event and to discover all the different menus offered by the participating restaurants and cafes. Through the presentation of this passport, you will be able to try a Petisco menu (tapa + drink) for 3€, or a Dessert menu (dessert + drink) for 2€. The establishments serve your tapa or dessert in a designated place. There is no mandatory route nor limit for the number of menus you can eat. In each stop, a seal will be placed in the corresponding space in your passport. Depending on the number of seals you collect, you could win one of the prizes of the event.

The presentation of the passport is mandatory to enjoy the menus at the aforesaid prices. The only exception is children until 12 years old accompanied by their parents.

For further information you can contact us trough the email address

See the Participant Regulation HERE