In 2018, for the second consecutive year, you will have the opportunity to be a first class food lover at a business class price. The best chefs of Algarve were challenged to create a special menu for the Rota do Petisco (Tasting Trail) inspired by the local products and the gastronomic traditions of the region. The answer could not have been better. When you try each one of the ten option of the Chefs Trail, you will discover how it is possible to combine tradition and innovation, simplicity and sophistication, past and future in one dish. This is the proof that cuisine is also culture. Therefore, we want you to become wiser and more delighted every bite. And would you like to know what is even better? You could taste the Chefs Trail menu at the same price of the other Petisco (Tappa) menus. Really, you could eat like a gourmet for only 3€. This trail will make you see stars. But for now, you can see the menus here.


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