Young man, are you old enough to eat a delicious tappa? This is not a question in the Rota do Petisco (Tasting Trail). After all, everybody is welcome to this food festival, regardless of age. All generations are invited to sit at the table and to wait for the next mouth-watering tappa. However, we are aware that young people have a very particular and challenging taste. This is the reason why the Rota do Petisco devotes an especial and adult-free modality to them. The Rota dos Môces Pequenes (Kids’ Trail) provides menus that were especially conceived with children’s tastes and likes in mind at the same price of the other Rota do Petisco’s menus, namely Tappa menu (tappa + drink) for 3€ and Dessert menu (dessert + drink) for 2 €. Parents, you may well believe that your little ones will eat like grown-ups. Here, you will find all restaurants, cafes and snack-bars where you could find Kids’ Trail menus. Now, you should start planning your next family trip around the flavours of Algarve.


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